tētēma is a new duo project from Mike Patton (FNM, Bungle, Fantomas, principle Zorn interpreter) and Australian composer/pianist Anthony Pateras (Thymolphthalein, Pivixki, Pateras/Baxter/Brown). geocidal is audio caffeine injected direct into your eyeballs. Recorded across half the continents on the planet, this record investigates the murder of place. Do borders even matter any more? Should we even leave the house? Is there any specificity left in this generalized cesspool of culture? Or has the tidal wave of digitally-fuelled apathy swamped any sense of tangible individuality? tētēma demand another universe to this one, and have built one especially for you.

Boasting a 12-piece all-star cast of incredible musicians and featuring special guest drummer WIl Guthrie(absolutely slaying), tētēma hand picked a devastating team of instrumental virtuosi to assist their quest to make indispensable music in the age of permanent refuse. As a result, geocidal brings the most glorious noise, interrogating the deepest cosmogonies and malformations of man. It’s true! Antique synths? Check. Outlandish orchestration? Definitely. Face-frying vocals wrapped in velvet? You know it.

If we could name some references for you to file this under, we would, but some one or some thing is eventually going to tell you what it sounds like anyway, so we won’t. To us, it sounds like two maniacs in their respective studios having the time of their lives, rebirthing some of the most insane songcraft this side of the godforsaken Miley Cyrus-worshipping millennium. So stop like-ing cat jpegs, stop drooling into your phone and listen to this freaking record – it will literally re-wire your existing perception of sonic possibility, although that’s probably underselling it. Featuring absolutely gorgeous drawings from Sydney artist Nik Kamvissis, this album brutally articulates the hell of now!