Eyvind Kang’s “The Narrow Garden” Set for Jan. 31 Release on Ipecac Recordings

Eyvind Kang, the well-known string player who has worked with Mr. Bungle, Sun City Girls and Lou Reed, releases The Narrow Gardenon Jan. 31 via Ipecac Recordings.

Spin said of Kang’s most recent Ipecac release, 2007’s Athlantis: “Think the monolith scene from 2001 as rendered by Mr. Bungle and you’re almost there.”   PopMatters said Kang “…inhabits other worlds so the rest of us don’t have to.”


While Athlantis is a choral piece inspired by Renaissance era literature and philosophy, The Narrow Garden is inspired by the natural world.  “I composed most of the songs at a pond on Vashon Island,” explains Kang.  “I also went down to Yelm and Olympia and music just came into my head.  There were birds, plants and flowers.  It’s a concept of love, of poetry, like a troubadour or ashugh, courtly love that goes in two directions – one the more ineffable, kind of delightful which is the idea of ‘Pure Nothing’ and the other direction is the implication of a kind of violence.”


The Narrow Garden was recorded in Barcelona with a group of 30 musicians helmed by Kang.


The Narrow Garden track listing:


1.  Forest Sama’i
2.  Pure Nothing
3.  Usnea
4.  Mineralia
5.  The Narrow Garden
6.  Nobis Natalis
7.  Invisus Natalis