Retox Spring dates w/Jello Biafra, OFF!, Narrows

Retox, the SoCal punk quartet who released their debut album in late 2011 (Ugly Animals, Ipecac Recordings), have several West Coast tourdates ahead including one offs with Jello Biafra and OFF! as well as joining mathcore outfit Narrows for a trio of dates that cover Seattle, Portland and Seattle.

Retox tour dates

April 26 Long Beach, CA Alex’s Bar (w/Japanther)
April 27 San Diego, CA Brick by Brick (w/Jello Biafra)

May 14 San Diego, CA The Casbah (w/OFF!)
May 15 Los Angeles, CA Center for the Arts (w/Black Dice)
May 20 San Francisco, CA Rickshaw (w/Narrows)
May 22 Portland, OR Rotture (w/Narrows)
May 23 Seattle, WA El Corazon (w/Narrows)

On Ugly Animals…

“Retox owes its real allegiance to classic L.A. punk – imagine the Circle Jerks forced into San Diego’s noise-rock woodchipper.” – Revolver

“Animals crams 11 slamming defibrillations into a mere 13 minutes, bolting through its furious post-hardcore convulsions so quickly that your brain barely has time to register each song before the band moves on to its next speedy freakout.” – SF Weekly

“The cumulative effect of Ugly Animals feels like you’ve fallen off a skyscraper, stopping in intervals to smash through 37 sheets of plate glass. But you’ll want to get back on the elevator to the top floor to take the trip again.” – Alternative Press

“Retox evoke the dirty, chaotic and unruly feel reminiscent of bands like The Germs.” – Crustcake Blog

“8/10” – Vice

“It’s noisy and angry but has plenty of riff hooks, balancing speed and intricacy with easily digestible melodies…” – Alarm

“Retox is so well-crafted, concise, and loose, that instead of battering the listener, it seems to lend support to shaking bodies. This isn’t so much “noise rock” as it is rock that is really noisy…but it still rocks.” – Punk News

“Ugly Animals proceeds with the frenzied breathlessness of a bulletin from the world’s last moments, with 11 tracks of unrelenting hardcore scattering images of apocalypse into the wind” – Willamette Week