Purson Premiere “Spiderwood Farm” Via Decibel

Apr. 10, 2013, LOS ANGELES – Purson, the female-fronted UK band that the BBC has said are “channeling the power of the psychedelic ‘70s,” premiere the song “Spiderwood Farm” today via Decibel (http://www.decibelmagazine.com/featured/streaming-purson-spiderwood-farm/).
The London-based band, having already made a name quite a splash overseas with their glam-influenced psych-rock, release The Circle and The Blue Door on Apr. 30 via (Metal Blade/Rise Above Records).  Kerrang said singer/guitar player Rosalie Cunningham “will have you spellbound” and added that Purson’s music is “like the best bits of ‘60s and ‘70s rock – think Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Cream and loads of other classic rock cats – brought to 2013 in a sweet-smelling musical haze.”
Spiderwood Farm is about ghosts,” explains Rosalie (who is also known for her previous stint as the front woman in the all-girl goth outfit Ipso Facto).  “I was looking through a copy of Sounds from 1972 when I saw a band mentioned called Spiderwood Farm.  From there I thought of a song about ex-dwellers, who are, of course dead.  The council is trying to evict them, but they’re not doing anything wrong.”
A video for “Leaning On A Bear” debuted last month and is viewable here: http://youtu.be/c90mXA_Jrc4.   Directed by Chris Martin, Rosalie said of the setting: “We found this great place in Brixton, South London called Café Cairo that look as though it has been transplanted there from the souk in Marrakesh.”  The clip gives a perfect visual to the band’s trippy psychedelia, or as they call it “vaudeville carny psych.”
Decibel has been an early champion of the band with Editor-in-Chief Albert Mudrian calling The Circle and The Blue Door “the best debut of 2013” and featuring the band in their May issue.
Pre-orders of The Circle and The Blue Door are available via Metal Blade at this link: www.metalblade.com/purson.  Purson will make their debut U.S. performances this fall with tour dates forthcoming.