Death Valley High Studio Footage; Positive Euth Cover Revealed

Apr. 12, 2013, San Francisco — Death Valley High, the NorCal quartet Alternative Press described as “a particularly edgy Queens Of The Stone Age with a few stolen At The Drive-In moves thrown in…,” share footage from the recording of Positive Euth (June 25, Minus Head Records) via Bloody Disgusting (
“With Positive Euth, we turned everything up a notch,” explains Reyka Osburn, singer and guitar player for Death Valley High.  “If it was dark, we went darker.  If it was hard, we went harder and if it was dancy, we went, you guessed it… dancier.”
The 12-track album was produced by Osburn and Jesse Nichols (The White Stripes, Ty Segall, AFI), mixed by Eric Stenman (Weezer, Deftones) and mastered by Brian Gardner (Queens Of The Stone Age, Linkin Park).  Positive Euth was recorded in late 2012 at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, Calif.
The band has two Northern California dates on the horizon:
April 21          Sacramento, CA                    The Townhouse
April 27          San Francisco, CA                 Broadway Studios