Lazer/Wulf’s Debut Album Streaming via The AV Club

Lazer/Wulf, the Georgia-based prog trio, are streaming their debut full-length, The Beast of Left and Right (July 15, Retro Futurist), via The AV Club (


The Beast of Left and Right was written as a palindrome, that is, it is the same backwards and forwards with two distinct halves, Left and Right. For instance, the first song on the album, “Choose Again,” uses the exact same chords, riffs and drum tracks as the final song on the album, “Mutual End” but one is major and the other is minor. As the band explains it, “The idea is that either way you choose, Left or Right, the paths are the same.”
Metal Sucks said the nine-track album is an “absolute beast of an album, left, right, up, down, any way you choose in whichever direction you please” while The AV Club said “Lazer/Wulf has pushed itself into brain-twisting new territory as songwriters and instrumentalists. All the big ideas aside, it’s also an ass-kicking and deeply listenable record, no matter which way you slice it.”

The band has self-released two EPs: 2009’s The Void That Isn’t and the 2012 release There Was a Hole Here. It’s Gone Now. The three-piece, who Flagpole called “maniacal, prog-obsessed precisionists” is Bryan Aiken (guitar), Sean Peiffer (bass) and Brad Rice (drums).