The Black Queen Share “Distanced” Video

The Black Queen, the LA-based electro-meets-R&B trio of Greg Puciato, Josh Eustis and Steven Alexander, have released a striking video for new song, “Distanced” (, from the band’s forthcoming debut, Fever Daydream (Jan. 29, The Black Queen).

“The video came about from Steve showing me cloud tanks, which were what a guy named Douglas Trumbull used to make the cloud effects in ‘Close Encounters.’ The visuals produced with those carried such a perfect combination of beauty and implied dread,” explains Puciato. “We wanted to lean on the lyrics a bit in this song, which are about longing and fixation, the burden of absence, and figured we could do that in a more creative way than a normal lyric video, so I got together with Jesse Draxler, who we’ve worked with on the artwork for the album and ‘The End Where We Start’ single, and collaborated with on the ‘Maybe We Should’ video, and we built a cloud tank one night and shot endless amounts of footage until about five in the morning. We put the lyrics on heavy black poster board behind the tank, and then mailed them to people when we were done. The whole feel of this band has been so delicate and personal to us, and we’ve been so hands on with everything, so it’s nice to know that some people out there received a surprise piece of this video. That’s the part that was really gratifying. Knowing that like fifteen people would be like ‘what is this?’ and then see the video a day later. An element of human connection.”

The band, who have been vocal about the accompanying art and visuals playing an important part in The Black Queen, have previously released three additional videos: “Maybe We Should” (, “The End Where We Start” ( and “Ice to Never” (

The Black Queen will further that intersection of music and graphics with their first live performance: Jan. 29 at Complex LA in Glendale, Calif. Tickets are on-sale now (

Fever Daydream pre-orders are available now, with the digital pre-order including immediate downloads of “Ice to Never” and “The End Where We Start” (iTunes: and digital/physical: