Who We Are

Monica Seide-Evenson launched Speakeasy PR & Marketing In 2005 after stints at both major and indie labels.

While it’s true that our core objectives encompass securing media attention for our clients in a dynamic media landscape and orchestrating effective social media campaigns, what truly sets Speakeasy PR & Marketing apart is our approach.

We don’t simply view ourselves as service providers; we’re partners with the artists, managers, and labels we represent. Each artist is unique, and therefore, our strategy for each campaign reflects that individuality. We prioritize cultivating enduring relationships with writers, editors, and bookers, recognizing the symbiotic nature of our collaborations, with people we consider our extended group of colleagues. Trust is paramount to us, and we cherish the confidence that artists place in our hands.

Speakeasy. PR magazine placements for The Bronx, TOOL, Melvins, Mr Bungle

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